The most wonderful point of view when hiking around Mont Blanc




Whether you are a novice, or an absolute mountain hiking fan, it is hard not to be amazed by the breathtaking landscape of the Alps.

With only a few words, like Mont Blanc, “Mer de glace” (See of ice), Roof of Europe… our imagination starts running. The Mont Blanc Mountain range offers speechless leaving panoramic views at every corner.



In this article, we will show you some of the most amazing point of view around Mont Blanc :


- Views on mythic peaks

- Places from where you can take beautiful pics

- Strikingly beautiful panoramic views on the Mont Blanc range



Did you know ? The name of the mountains in french are often linked to their shape, you will see a lot of names with “Aiguille” (translated “needles”), and “dent” (translated “tooth”, often because the top of the mountain is flat).


More over you’ll see the word “rifugio” which is the italian names, in french rifugio are called “refuge” Enough is said about languages here, let’s have a look on the places!




Panoramic point of view: Seigne pass (col de Seigne), and rifugio Elisabetta 


On the Mont Blanc tour, crossing borders is one of the fun and magical things of the route. Moreover, when you first cross a border like here from Savoy to Italy in the anticlockwise tour, it’s even more powerful: this is an amazing view on the Mont Blanc range which awaits you at the top of the pass.



Below, on the italian side of the pass, water is ubiquitous around the rifugio. From translucent to opaque white, including turquoise or emerald green, Combal and Miage lakes are perfect to see the peaks in water reflections, and to take stunning pics.



The summits you will see from here:


- West side of the Mont Blanc

- Aiguille Noire de Peuterey



You can also make this stage the second to last of your trip, a great way to end your Mont Blanc tour, with our classic Mont Blanc tour in 7 days. 





Rifugio Bertone: panoramic view on the Mont Blanc


The rifugio, named after Giorgio Bertone, a skilled italian climber, has its door right in front of the roof of Europe, but also of the Brenva Glacier. Before and after the rifugio, you will walk alongside the south face of Mont Blanc, with a panoramic view on the Grandes Jorasses, (which each of the six peaks culminate between 3996 m and 4208 m of altitude), and the Dent du géant (literally the giant’s tooth” in french).



The rifugio is also a great spot to see the mountain range tinted with dusk colors, pink and gold, and take a perfect pic.



In short, the peaks you will see at the rifugio Bertone:


- Mont Blanc (south face)

- Brenva Glacier

- Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey

- Les Grandes Jorasses



Enjoy rifugio Bertone and a good night sleep with our classic tour all confort around Mont Blanc.






A glance at the valleys: rifugio Elena and Ferret pass (Col Ferret) 


Rifugio Elena offers a nice view on Mont Dolent, and the eastern face of the Grandes Jorasses. 


Ascending toward Ferret pass, you will also have a glimpse on the Grand Combin and the Aiguille de Triolet. The pass in itself is a place to see with a breathtaking 360° panoramic view



There, grass meadows contrast with the grey scale of rocks, and the white of the firn (patches of snow present during the year even in summer), and this make the landscape even more amazing. The pass is also a good excuse to take a break in your hike, and take some pics of the valley below: Val Ferret 





Where is the northern face of Mont Blanc the most visible? 


We talked about three of the face of Mont Blanc, but from the Balme pass (Col de Balme) you will see the whole northern face of the Mont Blanc range, and in particular the Aiguille Verte. 


This point of view is located at the edge of the range, on the border between France and Swiss, and is 2191 m high, which sets the scenery. 


Going over a pass, is often a good way to discover new landscape when hiking in mountains



The peak you will see from here : 


- Mont Blanc from the north 

- Aiguille Verte 

- Aiguille du Midi 

- Aiguille Dorée 




The Mont Blanc Tour with a bonus view from the lakes 


We talked a lot about mountains, rocks, peaks... nonetheless when hiking around Mont Blanc, the diversity of views and places is waiting for you. Especially if you choose to explore the natural reserve of the Aiguilles Rouges. 



Along this stage, you will be able to admire the Roof of Europe from each of the four Cheserys Lakes (between 2100m and 2300m high), and if you continue to ascend, you’ll have the pleasure to see the beautiful Lac Blanc, with mirror water, and amazing colors and views. 



You want to see the lakes ? Try our complete Mont Blanc Tour in 10 days






Every hikes are different, it’s up to you to build your perfect trip! 


Around Mont Blanc, landscape, views and panoramas are following each others but are not always the same. 


When hiking, it feels good to take breaks and moment to yourself. You can stop to enjoy the view, turn around and watch the mountains


Whether you like taking pics, or just like enjoying the moment, mountains will always be there to surprise and amaze you with their beauty. 



Don’t forget either that each and every hiker will have a different experience, and that our list is non exhaustive, there are a lot of places to discover around Mont Blanc, you can always ask you guide! 



Convinced? Come with us in a seven days hike around Mont Blanc



Already did the route? Tell us about your best point of view!



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