Best Mont Blanc hiking tours




You want to experience one of the best place to hike, to discover the Alps and their highest summit, the Mont Blanc? A hiking tour of several days is probably the best way!

Around Mont Blanc, there are several ways to hike, this means that you will have the choice on several things : your paths, your stages, and your housing.



So, what are the best ways to hike around Mont Blanc?




A classic Mont Blanc tour, a hike with nights in dorms


The most traditional way to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc, and the most common, is a hike with nights in dorms. The refuges are small guarded housing facilities, with a little number of beds, organised in dorms (you will often see aligned beds, or sometimes bunk beds).



In the refuges, the evening meal is freshly prepared, and you will share some time with other hikers, as you take some rest from your day.



The dorms are the traditional housing solutions for climbers (or for hikers), as they offer a good quality sleep, shelter, and showers. They are often well located on the ways to the top of a mountain summit, or in the case of the Tour du Mont Blanc, all around the route.



The main perks of a hike in dorms are:


- A friendly atmosphere, with people who are living the same experience as you

- A lot of occasion to share your experiences or just a moment

- A night free from rain, or cold temperature

- Showers, to relax from the day

- A hot meal at night, and a good breakfast to face the day

- Beautiful views and sits to enjoy it outside the refuge, without your bag, with your friends, and a hot or cold beverage in your hand.



There are also some drawbacks from sleeping in refuges, and especially in dorms:


- When the refuge is crowded, or when it is very small, you will sleep really close to your roommates.

- Sometimes the other hikers are not careful, and make some noise or switch on the lights in the morning when you’re sleeping.

- In the range of noises: snorers will not be your best friends, you can overcome this problem with earplugs.

- And the last: sometimes, if the refuge is crowded, you will run out of (hot) water, leading to a cold shower which is not so relaxing.



You can book a seven days classic Tour du Mont Blanc if you think that sleeping in dorms is made for you!



And you can even do a 10 days hike around Mont Blanc in dorms!






A comfortable tour around Mont Blanc


If you think that you will need more comfort for your hiking tour around Mont Blanc, there is a solution! 



You could hike a long day, go over a high pass, discover a valley, and take some time for you at the end, arriving at your housing (with sore legs) and taking some time to rest, all by yourself.



That is possible! 



If you choose a hiking formula with comfort option, you will be staying overnight in the most comfortable refuges, with individual rooms, or in hotels or lodges (and sometimes in really small dorms). You will be assured to have a hot shower every evening, to recover from your exhausting hiking day. 



The pros of this tour: 


- Hot showers 

- Delicious meals along the way 

- The maximum recovery and rest at each stage 

- Sharing with your own group and the others only if wanted 

- The best selections of refuges and hotels 



The only real cons for this formula is a slightly higher price per people, has an individual room is more expensive to book than a dorm. 



You want to enjoy a 10 days hike around Mont Blanc in the best refuges, book our 10 days comfort Tour du Mont Blanc



You can also do this comfortable Tour du Mont Blanc in seven days




The Tour du Mont Blanc in Bivouac 


Our last type of tour around Mont Blanc, is the adventurers’ favorite. A one of a kind experience for hikers ready to be at the closest of the mountain, directly at the heart of the elements.



You will sleep under a tent, with the stars above your head, and the alpine wildlife sounds as lullaby. You may also shower in the rivers with ice cold water, which is really good for your muscles and to recover from your hike (even if it can be unpleasant).



You will share moments of joy at the evening meal with your group, and amazing views at dusk and dawn every single day of your tour.



You can read our article if you want to know more about bivouacking around Mont Blanc.



A Tour du Mont Blanc in Bivouac will offer you:


- An adventure you wouldn’t miss

- The closest you can get to nature

- Amazing views even at night

- Enriching moments

- The comfort you choose (regarding the quality of your equipment)

- A lower price for you entire tour than in dorms or rooms



Bivouacking is not easy by yourself, Cairn Trekking has created tours in bivouac around Mont Blanc just for you. You will not have to worry about your equipment, and you will have a mountain guide to teach you everything about Mont Blanc!



Book your own Tour du Mont Blanc in bivouac in 7 days!






The best hiking tour around Mont Blanc


The most important thing to remember when hiking in the Alps, and especially around Mont Blanc, is that you have to enjoy.



The best hiking tour is your hiking tour, regardless of the formula you choose. You should prepare your trip accordingly with your desire and level, and plan for something you really want to do.



You may even mix different tour, or even go back and hike the Tour du Mont Blanc again later, with another formula!



You already have done a Tour du Mont Blanc? Let’s talk about your experience!



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